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"Visual storytelling" is an essential skill when it comes to VSL's. In the digital marketing realm, these extended sales elements integrate tightly with landing pages and funnels to generate qualified leads for high-income earners.

The environment of a VSL is unique and frankly...challenging. Relying on an individual viewer to open and watch an extended-length video, holding their attention in a distraction-prone environment long enough to inspire them to take action at the end is an enormous challenge.

Producing a strong VSL requires a combination of expert skillsets on all sides. Finding the right pacing for visuals that capture and hold viewers attention for an extended length of time takes a nuanced touch. Assembling graphics that accurately tell the scripted story, keeping in lock-step and making complex ideas simple... is a fine art form.

Here are some excerpts of our latest VSL work. Each client in this reel represents a full VSL that is, in itself, 15-20 minutes long (10-12 pages of expertly crafted script via the team at Castor Abbott.)


To date, Castor Abbott's original video sales letter has generated over $3M.

"In the world of presentation design, there are lots of options ranging from low skill hacks to high end. But the key is, does it convert? When you need your presentation to pull like a freight train, Matt is your guy. His presentation work for online VSL's is the best I have seen anywhere."

Mark Ford, President

Castor Abbott


"Matt synthesizes complex ideas and busy visuals into sleek, thematic, and easy to follow presentations that can really wow an audience. He keeps his creativity laser-focused on achieving the goals you have for your audience."

Paul Delaney

CFA, Wealth Advisor

Novak Private Wealth Counsel

"Matt at Big Picture was great from start to finish. The final product exceeded all of our expectations. The collaboration felt very natural and he showed great expertise in designing a presentation that will keep clients engaged until the end." (View their VSL excerpt here)

Cody & Dylan Novak


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