This Blows.

3 Keys to Solidifying Your Company's Marketing Strategy

Remember Forest Gump? The feather that floats around during the intro and outro?

Remember this:

Your business is the feather.

Marketing is the wind.

In today's noisy & distracted world, the challenge is being seen and remembered.

You already know that you have the exact solution to your customer's greatest challenges. But when they're in the trenches themselves, will your name be the first one they think of?

Staying top-of-mind is the work of marketing. To do that well, there are 3 things to consider:


Ensure that your story is clear. If you don't know who you are, your customers will not, either. Spend time sharpening and focusing your message, and take a high-level look at your overall brand to ensure that it's connecting well.


Do you have marketing materials produced that tell your story effectively? Quality presentation cuts through the clutter and helps you shine above your competitors. Choose the right mediums that communicate in ways that your customers will relate to.


Broadcast your message to your marketplace! Learn about the various channels available, and specifically where your audience is listening. Customize your message in ways that seamlessly and effectively alert your readers to your brand on a regular basis.

Whether print advertising, social channels or email marketing, this regular communication provides the gust of wind that is essential to keep your feather floating above the noise and be seen by your prospective and current customers.

Keep growing your business!

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