Non-profit year-end appeals: The results are in.

In December, we designed two year-end appeals for two area non-profits. This is a critical time for any donor-based organization, with a high percentage of gifts anticipated as the calendar year closes.

The results came back for both, and we were thrilled.

The Andrew L. Hicks Jr. Foundation mailed their 2-page appeal to 248 additional recipients than the previous year. This year's appeal saw 63% more donations with a staggering 90% increase in the total donation amount.

Their largest gift increased by 15%, while the smallest gift jumped 185%. The average gift amount increased by 17%


Priority One is only one year old in the Delaware Valley, so giving, traction and momentum were still at beginning stages.

Their appeal began as a simple typed update letter. We transformed it into a carefully-designed 2-page newsletter with critical information highlighted and focused, leading toward a directed personal ask.

This appeal was sent to a very limited list and was foundational to a 500% increase in year-end giving from the average month's highs.


Karen Hicks, Director of The Andrew L. Hicks Jr. Foundation reported this feedback:

"I’m absolutely amazed. I specifically prayed that God would increase our donor base and He did! We had lots of first time donors. I think the beautiful appeal that was simple and so well done was really well-received and motivated people to give so generously!"


Tom Wolff, Director of Priority One Delaware Valley recounted:

"Being only a year old we are still building our support base. Matt has been extremely helpful as he carefully sought to understand our organization from a mission and vision perspective. He then created a thoughtful and compelling appeal that far exceeded our expectations! This gives us a tremendous boost into the new year and the renewed confidence that God is empowering this ministry!"


Need a refresh on your organization's next appeal, or know of an organization who does? We'd be delighted to assist!


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