Counting Blessings

The awareness strikes me every so often: Big Picture Studio has been operating for almost four years and continues to grow. It's a remarkable thing.

Like Ferris said, life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it. Taking a breather to look back and take inventory is healthy for a variety of reasons.

By our count:

  • 5 20-minute custom video sales letters

  • 3 non-profit appeals

  • 10 mascot variations & custom graphics

  • 3 brand communications books

  • 2 legislative communications marketing documents

  • 11 websites

  • 10 ad designs

  • 2 non-profit save-the-date mailers

  • Custom corporate Christmas card

  • Product catalog

  • Photography, videography & editing

  • A custom interactive pricing calculator

  • Brand messaging & copywriting

  • Logo design & refresh

  • A full slate of conference creative materials (Visuals, video bumpers & trailer)

  • Large-form tradeshow display material

  • A few other miscellaneous admin & management tasks sprinkled in...

And that's just since November.

As my friend Gil says, "sometimes God is good, and sometimes He shows off." We're grateful and blessed by this work, and feel so privileged to partner with so many businesses & organizations to help them succeed.

Concurrent with active client work, the last four years have been an exercise in constant refining and clarifying the unique offering that we provide to our clients. We're continually refining our own story as we work to do the same for others.

At our heart, we are Story-tellers & Makers.

We love helping to shape and focus a brand. And our core competency lies in production.... creating all of the media needed to effectively share that brand story with the exact right audience.

While it's helpful for us to look back, this is not a list of resting-on-our-laurels.

More importantly, reflecting on these efforts is a way to help you remember the possibility & potential you'll find here to improve your business with better branding & marketing materials.

We look forward to working with you next!


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