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Cedar Meadow Farm

This on-going story has roots going back into 2019 (and, even longer for Steve Groff.) Steve has been a long-time client over several ventures related to marketing for farming and cover crop education. In 2019, Steve started growing CBD hemp in his nutrient-rich fields (which are some of the healthiest in the world due to his soil health practices.)

Steve's history as a research-based farmer led him to learn a great deal about growing CBD hemp at scale in the northeast. He quickly made the decision to start a retail business selling the oil produced from his own crop.. This kind of vertical integration is extremely rare in this crowded, noisy and often confusing industry, and the prospect of selling single-farm sourced oil emerged as a very exciting prospect.

We've been delighted to work with Steve on a wide span of branding and marketing activities to launch his new line.

Already in a short span of time, we've seen dramatic progression of this start-up business.

During the past year:

  • Developed the brand look-and-feel, and quickly transitioned it twice following consumer research and feedback

  • Created all messaging and unique brand positioning in a complex and crowded space

  • Created the main website, and transitioned it to a new platform equipped for e-commerce

  • Developed all aspects of product packaging

  • Several variations of marketing, sales and info material material in print and digital forms

  • Collected vast amount of photo and video footage

  • Created a primary introduction video

  • Created an innovate chatbot, a customized and complex system to interact with consumers in real time.

We're just getting started, and are confident that this brand is on track for an exciting future!

Second iteration of character-based logo with Farmer Steve and Grizbot, the chatbot version Grizzly the real-life farm dog.


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