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Cedar Meadow Adventures

In 2021, Cedar Meadow Farm developed and ran a unique on-farm event for the first time in its history: a hemp maze.

This maze was the first of its kind on the east coast (and only the 2nd or 3rd in the country.)

Marketing CBD and hemp has significant challenges, though. Promoting paid advertising on Facebook isn't possible - and they needed strong local attendance to visit the maze (which was actually the headwaters of marketing for the core CBD brand, Cedar Meadow Farm.)

In an effort to marketing effectively, we developed this sub brand and website to promote the event. It its original form, it was scrubbed of CBD and hemp language, and we incrementally added more as the maze season progressed.

Dormant now, it provided a very strong central hub to promote the event.

(This page and associated YouTube channel have several original video productions for promotion.)


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