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Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Video Book

A high-end ask requires high-end material.

The Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation wanted to approach businesses to enlist some very unique support and collaboration for their Launch program.

The non-profit resonated strongly with the increased racial tension stories of 2020, and believed that the amplified tone in the culture was causing businesses to address the issues more deeply than in the past.

Stepping boldly into this space created a strong synergy of opportunity for business leaders to partner with the Foundation, now in its tenth year.

We explored the options of sending this complex communication to busy executives and decided that a standard mailer would be insufficient.

Instead, we decided on a "Video Book." This unique and innovative option includes a card that opens to a high definition video screen that plays automatically. We included a mailer box to contain the main piece for an exceptional presentation experience.

This entire communications piece included a wide span of creative requirements:

Concept, copywriting, 3D print design, video concept, scripting, video production (interviews, shooting, editing & output), and project management.

The end result is a very strong piece that we're all extremely proud of and is being received extremely well by business leaders across the Delaware Valley.


Video books are widely used and popular in big business, especially in the pharma industry, so we were thrilled that this non-profit Foundation decided to tackle this complex project with us. It was funded entirely and independently by designated gifts from patrons so that no donor money was used.

One question we often get with this style of production: "Why use a mailer with a video screen? Why not just embed the video on a website and send people there? Wouldn't that be cheaper?" Less expensive, yes, but not from an effectiveness standpoint.

A small physical mailer with a link to a website would likely get easily overlooked or tossed like many cold mailers. And even if it was received, the likelihood of the recipient taking the extra step to scan a QR code or type in an address is low.

By contrast, Video Books have a nearly 100% open rate, and the intentionality of the presentation will bring attention and focus to whatever is inside, even an extended-length, video.

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