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Coatesville Kids to College is a wonderful local program that provides emotional, academic and spiritual support to kids from pre-K through college.

We have a personal connection since our son was blessed to attend pre-school there for 3 consecutive years, as well as enjoy their summer camp.

We worked with their director to begin improving their marketing and communications. We tightened up their logo and helped craft a new donor brochure. Download a copy here.

Shortly thereafter, we developed Save the Date card for their 2020 annual banquet. This fun project involved a custom photo shoot and image editing to amplify their fun theme for the banquet, Reaching for the Stars.

On the heels of that, we developed a new website for them to own and continue telling their story.

Finally, current to the website launch, we came on board to help build out their special online fundraising event (after their banquet was canceled due to Covid-19).

That event included a short bumper video that brought the core campaign video to life.


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