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2020 Non-Profit Appeals

We were once again delighted to work with three local non-profits during the closing months of 2020. With the obvious challenges that this year brought, it was unsure how these appeals might perform and if donors were willing and able to engage.

We were excited to help amplify and polish the messaging and presentation to put their best feet forward to their respective support bases.


CKC had a desire to tell the story of how they quickly adapted their programming for the pandemic year. The piece needed to fit into a standard envelope, but we devised this gate fold to help unveil the story and give them ample room to show the key moments of their year-long ministry.


The campaign raised nearly $40k for CKC, a very strong year-end after several other remarkable virtual events that kept the organization and it's mission well-sustained.


The Area Director of this ministry wrote a Christmas reflection and devotion leading to an appeal.

We kept the design clean and professional, like a simple letter with a few graphics. In reading the letter, it was clear that it was "Tom's voice" and presentation style, and we imagined a video-based version for a more personal, dynamic and emotive delivery.

We were able to shoot and produce the video-version of the appeal with an ultra-short turn-around, post it online and link it with an QR code from the printed appeal.


Along with a strong year-end, the appeal inspired one donor who had lapsed to give a $10k gift.


The concept for this appeal started earlier in the fall. their end-to-end program was seeing its first graduating seniors come through and emerge in great success. These students had been with the Foundation for nearly 10 years.

They were having senior photos taken for these students, and our concept immediately turned into a year book. As we thought through the many things that had happened to and through the Foundation during 2020, it became clear that reporting on these to their donor base would be important and relevant. Ending the 8-page booklet with the graduating senior was immensely powerful and created a personal connection.


In what's described as their Development Director's favorite piece, the appeal inspired a lapsed donor to give a $10k gift, along with a strong response from their broad donor base.


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