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Interactive Media Wall

As part of The Atrium, the 250 square foot LED media wall was the Broadway-facing attraction that engaged millions of visitors who walked by the building daily.

During its 3 years in operation, it displayed a wide variety of programming strategically designed to inspire, encourage and provoke new conversations.

The media included both one-way "push" messaging, as well as fully interactive experiences, even immersive gaming. We partnered with top-notch industry experts to create 24x7 programming - the first of its kind in this non-profit faith-based space.


Asking questions - inviting thoughtful responses from both on-site views as well as web-based.

Moderated responses were displayed in real-time on the wall.


Immersive gaming based on technology that follows the player's body movements, creating a virtual character on the screen. The game led players into a creative interaction with a key passage and story Scripture in a fun, approachable way.


App-to-Screen game play designed for kids. Leading players through the creation story using beautiful, hand-drawn graphics. Level completions and rewards displayed live on the screen for everyone to see.


For 2 years in a row, visitors digitally transformed into a delightful character through motion-tracking technology. They could explore and play with various areas of the screen, finding lights, show, presents and a Christmas greeting from American Bible Society.


Hundreds of custom videos were run, displaying a wide gamut of messages to intrigue and engage visitors, all leading toward a new and unexpected encounter with the Bible.

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