Sweetwater Crafts

This Amish craftsman is developing a startup making framed prints and tobacco lath decor.

Foundationally, Sam needed a brochure to highlight his work to the wholesalers in his network. Ultimately, our project involved a unique visual identity to brand his business, a custom photo shoot of his entire inventory (both studio shots as well as in-home shots), a fully customized print catalog and a simple website so his vendors could easily access his catalog.

We shot white-background photography of each of his products:

The front cover of their brochure shows off the custom logo and in-home photography.

Those assets easily and naturally facilitated an ad for the Lancaster County Showcase and other publications:

View SweetwaterCrafts.us here to learn more

and view their entire catalog and product line,

or visit their site on Etsy (selling under "East Side Frames)


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