Pop in Kid's Club

This unique startup offers an on-demand child care, giving parents much-needed free time for anything from a date to errands to a full work day. The owner, Scott Bersak chose Big Picture Studio to provide foundational branding and creative services to fulfill his vision of creating a national-level presence.

The original project scope involved developing a typographic feel for the visual look.

Closely connected was the desire for a character creation - a puffin named Poppy, who will become a mascot for the business.

The original poppy sketch turned out like this:

And combined with the carefully selected typography, created this logo:

This core asset quickly spun in to some necessary marketing material (brochures, banners, etc.)

The next step was to further refine Poppy and develop two new views. This would give him some flexibility in future layouts.

Ultimately, the new and improved Poppy was merged with the logo, for a fresh, refined look.

The logo was converted to signage recently installed over the store front, and customized promotional graphics were created to apply to the windows.

The brand was quickly applied to a variety of printed promotional materials.

The look and feel was applied to the full interior of Pop In Kids Club facility in Exton.

Following the branding and initial materials, we embarked on a full-scale marketing campaign, including Facebook Marketing, lead generation and email marketing to raise incredible awareness and dramatically boost attendance.

This also included asset development like photography and video production and social media graphics to include within their digital presence.

Visit the Pop In Kids Club website here.


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