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The Atrium

We assembled an outstanding team of creative minds and production professionals to develop a 2.1 million dollar innovative third space on Columbus Circle in New York.

The Atrium existed at American Bible Society HQ and served as as place of gracious hospitality, a gift for the Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle community on Broadway in NYC. It provided a comfortable, relaxing environment for the community while displaying modern creative expressions of Scripture on several HD and interactive exhibits.

The Atrium was staffed by a host who interacted with guests about the venue, as well as faith and life. This led to hundreds of dynamic stories of impact from our visitors. Often referred to as "The Apple store meets Starbucks meets the Bible," our guests often commented that there was simply no other space in New York like it.

Prior to The Atrium's opening, the existing bookstore attracted roughly 200 visitors per month. At its peak, the Atrium hosted nearly 4,000 visitors through events & programming, with a regular average of 1,500-2,000 monthly, an increase of 750 - 2,000%.

After months of careful planning, the space was cleared and prepped.

The fabricators created an incredible modular environment, while the multimedia production company installed multiple interactive environments.

The Broadway-facing LED screen displayed a variety of dynamic interactive experiences over a 2 year period, engaging thousands of visitors.

The Atrium hosted dozens of remarkable events during it's lifespan.

The Atrium had over 1,000 visitors each month and became a surprising place for people to explore questions about faith and life.

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