3 ways to know if Facebook marketing is right for you. (Part 2)

If you're joining us from Part 1 of this blog exploring 4 common myths of paid Facebook advertising, welcome!

Now that we've cleared away some of the mythical cobwebs, let's look forward to the remarkable benefits of this marketing channel.

Thousands of companies are starting to use Facebook ads in some very strategic, creative and effective ways. As you're exploring it for yourself, here are some things you should consider.


Leads. Qualified leads. And lots of them.

These campaign strategies are designed to deliver hungry prospects to you door who want what you have. They’ve already opted in. If you have the right sales people in place, you can turn those prospects into clients all day long.

It’s just that simple


Even if all of your perceptions of Facebook ads are spot-on, it’s still not for everybody. Just like marriage, truly strategic, high-impact campaigns “should not be entered into unadvisedly or lightly."

1. It depends on your attitude about marketing.

You believe that marketing not only works, but is an important focus of your business. You realize the significance of highly professional and polished marketing efforts, and appreciate when it's done right.

Where some companies treat marketing as secondary and back-burner, you value it as a key driver of your business.

2. It depends on your preparedness to spend.

You also realize the importance of investing. You understand that you get what you pay for, and you boldly and wisely allocate money where needed to see the results you expect.

You’re ready to invest in a smart Facebook ad campaign that will bring a positive ROI.

Ideally, even small businesses should invest about $1,000 in ad spend for an initial ad test to begin optimizing their messaging. It’s just enough to run some important audience testing and determine what speaks well and to whom. It may seem like a big investment at first, but the testing phase makes sure your advertising becomes profitable quickly.

If you’re a small business, don’t skip out on advertising. If you’re a big business, seriously, don’t skip out on this kind of advertising. It won’t take long to see results.

Particularly with Facebook marketing, we’ve seen over and over again (and have the calculator to prove it!) that the more you spend, the better your return by an exponential margin.

3. It depends on your preparedness to get back.

There is a cost to success, and some companies – believe it or not – aren’t ready for it. When pre-qualified leads start to come at you in numbers you never expected - what will you do? How will you create an exceptional experience for every single one? Do you have the sales force in place? Or an infrastructure that’s designed to seamlessly deliver on the brand promise of your advertising?

Start with the end and work backwards.

Imagine your company twice as big. Five times, or ten times. While marketing is an important role in your growth, it’s just one role. Ensuring that your full business is ready to take on growing pains is an essential element of leadership.


The internet is chock-full of advice on how to get started and run your Facebook marketing. There’s no shortage of experts that can provide tutorials and step-by-step trial-and-error guides.

You could do that if you have the time.

Or, if you’re like most, you could simply hand all this to an expert trained to tackle every aspect of this essential effort for you. After all, you have a business to run, and this likely isn't your expertise or focus.

Big Picture Studio offers a proven model for remarkably effective paid Facebook advertising campaigns designed specifically to drive your bottom line. When you’re ready to take a step toward one of the most profitable forms of advertising in the world today - or needing to switch from what you’re doing now - we’d love to talk.

Visit us at BigPicture.Studio to set up a free strategy session.


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