The importance of the big "Q" in your business.

Imagine it:

Black Friday. Throngs of shoppers up at 4am crowded outside their favorite store to get the very best Christmas deals.

Compared to the exchange that happens a million times every day in stores across the country: “Can I help you?” “Um, no thanks. I’m just browsing.”

What’s the difference between “just browsing” and hungry, salivating fans ready to storm the gates?

It’s the big Q.

In your business, customers are easy to come by. Technically, anybody that passes by could buy what you’re selling. But you’re trying to find the exact right customer to engage with your product, idea and message.

That’s a Qualified lead. They are pre-selected, tuned in, turned toward you, focused and ready to listen. And, best case, there are dozens — no, hundreds of them lined up outside your store, knowing that they absolutely want to buy what you’re selling.

That’s gold. As a business owner who needs to drive a bottom line, that’s the best picture you could paint.

If you’re smart, you know who your audience is. You’ve thought long and hard about who you’re selling to. You’ve developed a product or service that is absolutely perfect for the absolute perfect person. (In marketing terms - you’ve developed your “persona.” An imaginary person with defined characteristics that make up your ideal customer.)

They’re not just a lead - even better than a warm lead or a hot lead. They are “qualified.”

So, how you FIND these qualified leads?

How do you tease out those qualified leads from among thousands – even millions of potential customers?

The secret that more and more organizations are turning toward is social media marketing. Specifically, paid Facebook advertising. When done right, this medium is a qualified lead generating machine, designed to funnel the exact right audience right to your sales team all day long every day.

But it’s not for the faint of heart.

Developing and implementing an effective and efficient online marketing system is an investment of time and resources which requires careful practice and laser-focused strategy.

Here are some essential pieces of a building this system:

1. Infrastructure

There are some key elements needed that form the framework of your marketing system. Obviously, a professionally designed Facebook business page is essential, which opens up the Facebook business manager which provides access to stunning analytics.

Aligning that back-end with Google analytics, your website and custom landing pages are essential for a system built for results.

This also is the time to set up goals and strategies, lining up your key performance indicators and ensuring that the system will deliver what you intend.

2. Audience

You know your best-case audience. Now, it’s time to tell Facebook. Business Manager provides several ways to input the exact criteria to make sure you’re fishing in the right pond.

Several amazing third party tools like Qwaya provide even more ninja power to dialing in precisely who sees your ads.

3. Communication

The real magic and sweet spot comes in knowing how to creatively and effectively present messaging in ways that not only capture your audience’s attention, but play nice with Facebook, as well. This is a fine-tuned juggling act, since Facebook's computer and algorithms control what is seen based on relevancy. Knowing how to create and evaluate your ads takes practice and is often as much art as it is science.

When these elements combine perfectly within an expertly-designed online marketing funnel, something great happens. It’s like Black Friday. The big question then is: Are you ready to handle the leads that come your way?

If you’d like more assistance in developing your own system, we’re here to answer any questions you might have. Drop us a line today!


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