What my kid taught me about doing business better.

"The easy way or the hard way?"

This became a popular question in our house when we were training our 3 year-old.

Taking a bath. Brushing teeth. Putting on clothes.

You name it.

And he got it.

When we did it the hard way, there was whining, yelling, sobbing and banging on the floor.

And that’s just from the parents. (End dad joke.)

But when we did things the easy way, great things happened. Glowing praise! Everyone’s happy!

Even great privileges that flowed his way as a result.

(And, it’s even better when he exclaimed “I did it the easy way, daddy!” Yea, buddy.)

Can you relate?

Not with your toddler, necessarily, but in your business world?

How many times do we try to do something the hard way … when we know there MUST be a better solution?

As small business owners ourselves, we’ve been stuck behind some of the same old patterns and habits that thousands of others have endured before us. Struggling to set up the core pieces of invoicing and time tracking and sales and marketing.

It’s time-intensive and labor-intensive and just plain annoying.

But things are changing.

Innovative products and services are starting to change the way business owners think, and more people are starting to see the value and efficiency in outsourcing areas that are NOT their core competency.

In his Amazon best-seller book Live Free or DIY, Justin Crawford outlines how businesses large and small can take advantage of new styles of management to focus on what they do best, get more done and create successful businesses in newer, faster and more agile ways.

For example, services like Bench.co and Agents of Efficiency are tackling the operational back-end in an outsourced capacity. Services like Legalzoom and Rocket Lawyer are providing assistance in their specialty.

Marketing is a particularly challenging element for most business owners with a wide spectrum of expertise needed to be seen and heard in a complex and noisy environment. At Big Picture Studio, we assess your specific needs and assemble just the right team to address your goals, taking the burden off of you to fuss with websites, printing and the ultra-challenging world of social media advertising.

But, doesn’t all this cost money?

Of course it does. And sometimes, quite a premium.

However, Crawford effectively teaches and reinforces the importance of time, money and efficiency. Everything is considered in light of its ROI. You should always expect to get back more than you invested.

For example, if you’re a pizza shop owner who’s wasted days - even weeks wrestling with WordPress or SquareSpace to assemble your own website, you’ve dramatically decreased the value of your hourly rate and still have very little to show for it. That’s the hard way.

But when you bring on a trusted professional agency who’s been handling stuff like branding, positioning, visual and creative production and professional communications for over twenty years, you’ve just attached a turbo engine to your business, my friend. That’s the easy way.

When you’re ready to unload your marketing, we’re ready to help.

Write today and we’ll set up a free consultation to see how we can help.


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