Rowboat or Cruiseship: Understanding the key roles of Facebook management

There’s a misunderstanding that we often face in the world of Facebook marketing. Very often, we see businesses listing jobs for “Social Media Manager and Marketer.” To us, it’s a red flag. We offer this brief clarification to help sort out these two very different roles.

At first blush, it seems like they should be the same thing done almost in one fell swoop. You post things relevant to your company on your company’s Facebook page, boost them, do a little scouring on analytics and try to get your Like’s up. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Right?

Well. Kind of. You could.

But as we often suggest, it’s the difference between navigating the ocean in a rowboat versus a cruise ship.

In this analogy, “the ocean” is Facebook. It’s a big, broad, powerful and sometimes mysterious system driven by machines - algorithms that make decisions for who gets to see your content. While Facebook seems fun, easy and friendly - that’s only YOUR feed with pictures of your friends puppies and what they’re having for lunch. But the back-side is truly a beast to understand and maintain.

Facebook most certainly is a pay-to-play system, so “paid Facebook advertising” is a truly accurate term for how to get the best success. “Boosting” (as most people know it) is essential to get your message heard. But you may be surprised to learn that even boosting your posts doesn’t guarantee that even everyone who Likes your page will see your content!


The job of a Social Media Manager is crucial. Their task is Cultivation. They try like crazy to keep the existing Facebook audience at least marginally connected, and at best, actually engaged by creating, finding and posting relevant content. It’s relentless and difficult. But that - in and of itself - is like cutting through the ocean in a rowboat.

That is an entirely different role from the Facebook Marketer.

This specialized task has one purpose: Acquisition.

It should exist with a focused strategy of delivering you qualified new leads all day every day.

If your Facebook marketing is not designed and functioning to significantly return your investment, dump it or change it immediately. After all, why else would you do marketing?

Making Facebook work as an effective tool for your business requires enormous strategy, planning, time and resources. Why? Competition. There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook. And EVERYBODY wants to get their message in front of the eyeballs of their perfect target audience. And the biggest and best brands are competing for the attention of eyeballs every day, and paying big bucks to do it.

This is why we compare Facebook Marketing to a cruise ship. It’s big and powerful. It requires strategy, planning and training to drive, and needs significant fuel to move. It also isn’t incredibly fast and takes a while to steer or see results.

But, when it’s done right, it does work remarkably well.

And, while we’re making comparisons, why not think of your cruise’s amazing destination of a Caribbean island like the qualified leads being delivered right to your sales team. It’s every sales team’s dream come true.

And here’s the gorgeous part ….

Because they are qualified leads and already pre-set to align with your message, they create a naturally engaged audience on your Facebook page. Now, your Social Media Manager doesn't have to work quite so hard, and their rowboat becomes a speedboat driving in the wake of the marketing engine. When they work in lockstep, the Social Media Manager can easily generate content relevant to the audience - perfectly in line with what drew them to your brand in the first place. Acquisition and Cultivation working hand-in-hand.

Big Picture Studio does Facebook marketing the right way. Our proprietary award-winning system has been proven to deliver results time after time. We work with you to to set it up and fully manage it in a way that aligns with your business and returns your investment many times over.

Call us today for a free consultation to see if this marketing system is right for your company.


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