Is your church

the best-kept secret

in your community?

Do you have a desire to connect with your

un-churched and post-Christian neighbors,

but feel stuck?

Most churches today

are facing 2 huge hurdles: 

  1. The culture is changing – QUICKLY.

  2. The ability to reach visitors is diminishing.

It's essential to

talk to your visitors:

  1. In ways that they'll hear, and

  2. In places where they're listening.

(and both are getting harder every day.)

“We’ve ditched our direct mail and door-hanger campaigns.

We just couldn’t get the same ROI as we’re seeing now.”

Communications Director of a rapidly-growing church near Philadelphia, PA

As Christian marketers,

we help great churches achieve not just their own goals,

but the wider Kingdom calling as well.

Our goals are simple:

Dramatically increase the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your outreach efforts.

Raise the awareness of your church in your community.

Ensure that you have a MESSAGE/MISSION MATCH.

Modern businesses use data-driven marketing methods and strategies

that accomplish these goals remarkably well.


Unfortunately, churches have not caught up

and don’t realize that they can use these tools for effective outreach.


We believe it's time for that to change.

Our churches are shifting focus from

attendance to engagement as a success metric.

Andy Stanley

Author, Speaker, Senior Pastor

North Point Community Church

You can predictably increase your church’s attendance

and engagement with careful analysis and planning.


We’ve designed our services to be focused and competitive

for churches intentionally investing in outreach transformation.


"Post-Christian" is a society rooted in the history, culture and practices of Christianity but in which the religious beliefs of Christianity have been either rejected or, worse, forgotten.

John O'Sullivan, National Review

As a generation is quickly slipping away from faith,

our passion is the same as yours:

To reconnect spiritually-numb souls to the vibrant life of Christ.


But all the research (and your gut sense) tells you the same thing:

To be successful, we need a different approach.


Let’s join together to make a difference.

Transform your outreach strategy.

Grow your church.

Change lives.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation

Who we are

Big Picture Studio is a family-owned marketing & creative services agency near Philadelphia, PA. 


Matt has 20+ years of experience in professional creative arts, marketing, communications & branding. During his seven years at American Bible Society, he spearheaded dozens of innovative initiatives to present the gospel to a disinterested culture.


Megan is a social media strategy specialist, leveraging modern data-driven marketing techniques to drive qualified traffic to local business owners. 

Gabriel runs really fast, can't resist a funky beat and is just generally awesome.


With our powers combined, we're ready to serve your church for some dramatic and life-changing results.

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