King me.

In design, it's often said that "content is king." 

But we believe that even better: CONTEXT is king.

It's so easy to dive into the details.

Zooming out to see "the forest" is an essential first step to understanding the problem, seeing the Big Picture of how all the pieces fit together and devising the best solution possible to meet the goal.

Measure twice, cut once.

Need a little of that in your life?

Maybe we should be working together. 

Let's find out.


Big Picture Studio is family-owned and operated. 

Matt Steinruck

Owner & Creative Director

Matt has 25+ years of experience in professional creative arts, marketing & communications. From graphics, branding & positioning, copywriting & multimedia production, he's ready to put his skills to work for you.


Combined with a project-based team of seasoned experts that work hand-in-hand with your staff, there's virtually no end to what we can accomplish together. 

Megan Steinruck

Marketing Strategy Consultant

With expertise in carefully refined research & analytics, Megan assists in developing the right strategy for delivering your message to your customers. With several tools at our disposal, Megan will dial in just the right mix for your business.


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