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Let's get your brand aligned.

Is your message missing your market?

you do?"

"What do

Wall of sticky notes

Answering this question should come naturally. 


Your heart knows the answer, but you have trouble explaining it.


It shouldn’t be this hard to explain your passion. 

But finding clarity feels overwhelming.

Stop feeling misunderstood.

Share your passion with confidence.

Grow your business with focus.

Feeling Stuck?

Image by Jonny Caspari

So many companies are too deep in the weeds to explain what they do to the outside world. 

They feel like what they do is complex . . . and they can't make it simple.

We've helped purpose-driven businesses and nonprofits just like yours align their brand message and finally connect with their customers.

We understand how hard it is to communicate SIMPLY. 

Why Align Your Brand?

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When you have the right messaging,

everything becomes easier, cheaper, faster and more effective.

Stronger sales and marketing tools.

Greater credibility and trust.

An action-oriented business.

An aligned brand is the foundation for:

Don't shout louder.


Use the right words with confidence.

Cut through the clutter & eliminate the noise.

Watch the simple, bare essence of your message emerge. 


"This is what I heard you say."

Hearing your message re-framed by a trained expert can change everything.


Our Process


"Wow, you actually get us!" 

We hear that all the time. 

When's the last time you felt understood?

"Matt has a keen visual intuition for verbal and digital communication.  His patience and demeanor are paramount. Plus he is a good teacher! My wife and I have enjoyed working with his company.  I highly recommend him. "

Ray Archuleta

"Ray the Soil Guy"

Featured in Kiss the Ground

"Matt's innate intuition and intentionality created a seamless and stress-free focusing of my brand and rebuilding of my website. Any questions or concerns were handled with ease, options and solutions.


Matt is very gifted which allowed the process to feel simple and straightforward."

Emily Newhook

E Is Key Lifestyle Management

"Big Picture Studio really helped us align our brand so that our constituents could see the consistency throughout our programs and media platforms.


Matt offered expert advice on how to maintain the integrity of our brand and deliver messaging that was easy to understand, professional and esthetically inspiring."

"Matt and his team helped us to capture succinctly and simply, exactly what our practice is all about.


Then he helped us effectively present that concept in ways that are just plain EASY for people to find and understand.


The result? Happy people all around." 

Dr. John Slippy, DC

Living Well Chiropractic

You deserve to be understood.

Schedule a call. 

Get your brand aligned.

Communicate with clarity.

Here's how:

Let's Work Together.

Most companies want to jump right into re-building their website or branded materials to try to reconnect with customers. 

First, zoom out to see the big picture. Your brand story is the headwaters of your entire marketing experience. Taking one step back to evaluate your brand is the smartest move you can make.

Drop me a note, or jump straight to my calendar to set up a discovery call.

I'm excited to get your brand aligned. You'll be amazed at how much falls into place naturally as a result. 

Matt Steinruck

Owner & Creative Director

Big Picture Studio

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